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It is a great adventure that places the participants in a unique situation, enabling them to challenge themselves and develop co-operative and interdependent relationships with their peers and business associates.

This experience provides insight into how teams work together and how they can become more effective. Not only will the group teambuilding balloon safari be a most enjoyable experience but the participants will fondly remember their companions and the message your company was projecting for many years to come. They will "dine out" on their ballooning story.


Each team is allocated a balloon and a pilot. A helium balloon is released to determine the various wind directions at different altitudes, in order to choose where to place the targets.

Each team assists their pilot in preparing their hot air balloon for flight. After a safety briefing, the balloons take off and each team is required to direct their pilot to fly at the correct heights to catch the most favorable wind directions.

By the end of the balloon flight, each team must drop their marker as close to the target as possible, direct the ground team to pick up the marker and, at the same time, tell their pilot where to land.

In order to gain points, teams are scored according to certain criteria. The pilot's decision is final, as they will only fly within SAFE and permissible parameters.

After about an hour, the balloon must land in an accessible field to enable an easy retrieval. The competition ends with a return to base where they are greeted with a typical champagne breakfast.

All participants will be awarded a "FLIGHT CERTIFICATE" and the winning team will be presented with "Gold Medals".


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