How to order a Barcelona Balloon Flight Gift Voucher

We always offered gift vouchers for our customers because we think it’s the perfect gift for any time of the year, especially here in Barcelona, where the weather conditions are excellent all year long. If you are about to surprise someone with our gift voucher, here’s a small guide on how you can do that on our website.

Remember, you can always contact us in case you have any issues or need some more info on the gift cards and how they work.

HOT Air Balloon Gift Voucher


Step 1: Select the amount

You can buy a gift voucher for 1, 2 or 3 persons. Select the quantity of the gift voucher below and scroll down for the step 2.

Barcelona Balloon Flight Gift Voucher


Step 2: Upload your personal design

In step 2 you can upload your own design or image which then can be sent directly to the recipient. If you want to upload your own image click “Customize” and upload the image you desire.


Upload gift card image


Step 3: Send the gift card

In step number 3 you can either enter your own email address to send the gift card first to yourself and hand it in person or you can send it directly to the recipient by entering the email address of the receiver in the fields below.

After entering your name and your message you can proceed with “Add to card” and review the order in the shopping card.

Send to yourself or other person


Press ADD TO CART, review your order and proceed to checkout


Review Gift Card Order


Step 4: Checkout and Payment

Once you have reviewed your order in the basket you can proceed to checkout. We need your billing details in order to be able to accept the payment.

You can now safely pay using a credit card with our secure payment provider Stripe. You can also choose bank transfer or pay in cash.

Checkout Gift Card Balloon Flight

Remember that a gift card can not be redeemed until the full payment has been approved.

We hope you found this guide useful. If you are interested in buying a gift card and you encounter any issues please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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