The perfect balloon flight. Everything your need to know

Ballooning is just incredible and you can be part of this amazing experience in Barcelona. In order to enjoy the perfect day, the perfect balloon flight we wanted to resume the most important things you need to know in this little article.

Who is Barcelona Balloon Flights?

We are a team of experienced balloon pilots living near Barcelona. Our team has several thousand flight hours under its belt and will try to answer all the possible questions that you might have before flying through the sky. For more information about the team please visit our team page.


Is Ballooning in Barcelona safe?

Yes, it is! Ballooning is actually very safe. Every day we check the weather conditions here around Barcelona and confirm again with the booked passengers. The weather is the only factor that could impact your reservation.  We cannot impact the weather, so in case that the weather is not good enough to take off, we’ll inform all our passengers on time. The weather here in Barcelona is normally great, we have actually 365 flights per year scheduled, so if you want to celebrate Valentines Day high in the sky, no problem, you can fly without issues in February.


Will it be cold?

it might become a little fresh, yes! Remember this is an early morning activity. The time meeting time is at 7:00 am in the morning. Up in the sky, the temperature is actually very pleasant and you’ll enjoy the winds and silence while drifting through the mountains surrounding Barcelona.


How do I get to the Take Off /Meeting Point?

Barcelona Balloon Flight offers a Hotel Pick Up / Shuttle Service that can pick you up and take you back to Barcelona in case you need a transport. This is super practical for our customers that are located in the city center of Barcelona and do not want to take public transport to get to the Meeting Point.




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