The Top 7 Activities for Families in Barcelona (and nearby)

Barcelona and its surroundings offer many activities to enjoy with the whole family. The good weather all year makes this area an ideal place to do a lot of different activities for all tastes. If you are in Barcelona and are looking for the perfect things to do during your family day, this article will give you to the 7 top activities for families in and around Barcelona.

Enjoy a flight in a hot air balloon

Why not enjoy Barcelona from the sky? This activity is one of the most impressive ones you can enjoy with the family. The views during a hot air balloon flight are incredible from the air and the sky is almost always clear. The silence and atmosphere you can breath cannot be described with words. A total ballooning experience in Barcelona is a unique activity you and your family shouldn’t miss!
Besides, there is the possibility of a shuttle service to and from the departure point of the balloon trip.
You can choose between the different locations to enjoy your balloon tour: fly in a balloon over Montserrat, over the Pyrenees, the Costa Brava or the Montseny area. All these are studied locations for the delight of the participants. No matter which of them you choose, it will surely be an unforgettable experience for the whole family.


Visit the Botanical Garden of Barcelona

The Botanical Garden of Montjuic, located between the castle and the Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys, is one of the most beautiful places in the city of Barcelona to enjoy with the family. It is a space that brings you closer to the biodiversity of the flora of the Mediterranean climate, where you can find examples of plants and trees that also inhabit many gardens of the city. However, you will see plants and trees from other places, such as California, South America, Australia or the African continent too.
The Botanical Garden of Barcelona is aimed at studying, maintaining and preserving plant species, which will surely be a fun and educational plan for the little ones and also for adults.

There are different types of tickets for the entry. The general ticket costs € 3.5, but there is also a reduced ticket for about € 1.7 for families, with at least one member under the age of 16. Admission is free every Sunday from 3:00 p.m. and the first Sunday of each month.


Enjoy Catalunya in miniature

Catalunya in miniature offers a one-and-a-half-hour walk through the most important monuments of Catalonia, made in scale models. It is a fantastic way to get to know this land with your family activity that will surely make you fall in love.
Also, you can enjoy aerial forest circuits, with different levels of difficulty, and according to height and age.
The adventure circuits open only on weekends and holidays (including bridges) from 10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. If you visit Catalunya en miniature during the week, you must go in a group of at least 10 people to enjoy the adventure circuits, since these only open for groups.
The entrance to see the models is from € 8 for children and € 11 for adults (€ 8 for people over 60). For the adventure park, tickets range between € 12.75 for children and € 18.30 for adults with a discount. Keep in mind that the visit to the scale model exhibition of Catalunya en miniature is included in the entrance of the adventure circuit.


Go hiking and visit the natural parks

It seems obvious, but going for a walk is one of the best activities to do as a family in Barcelona and surroundings. The weather is good most of the year and the geographical characteristics of the area invite you to explore the different tracks.
In addition, hiking is one of those family plans that can be made without foresight and is very economical and healthy for everyone.
There are many routes both in the city and in the rest of the province, you just have to choose the one that best suits your purpose and requirements.
From the Collserola Natural Park in Barcelona, the Pla de la Calma in the Montseny or the Garraf Natural Park.


Visit the Chocolate Museum

The Chocolate Museum in Barcelona is a museum owned by the Guild of Pastry of Barcelona and it’s dedicated exclusively to chocolate. In this museum, you can learn the history of chocolate and more deeply about its preparation, as well as contemplate the multitude of artworks that have been made with chocolate.
The entrance to the Chocolate Museum costs € 6 and is free for children under 7 years of age. To everyone’s surprise, the entrance tickets are also made of chocolate.
The museum offers workshops for children and adults, so if you want to spend the sweetest moment with your family, this is the ideal place.


Visit the Zoo and L’Aquàrium of Barcelona

As we mentioned before, Barcelona enjoys a climate that makes the stay pleasant at any time of the year, so much that even animals feel it this way. The weather conditions allow the coexistence of a very diverse fauna in the zoo of Barcelona, a place in favor of the conservation of the species, research and education.

The Barcelona Zoo has eleven spaces with different animal and plant species, which are grouped by theme.

The Aquàrium of Barcelona works similarly and also emphasizes the importance of conservation, education and research of the marine environment.
L’Aquàrium of Barcelona is the most important in the world with a Mediterranean theme and has 14 aquariums with native species from the different Mediterranean communities.

Both Barcelona Zoo and L’Aquàrium have areas for children and also do activities for children such as farm tasks or sleeping surrounded by sharks.
Without a doubt, an experience that is worth living with them!


Visit the Center d’Apropament a la Natura, Farm in Navàs

If you want to spend a day in the middle of nature with your family, the Center d’Apropament a la Natura in Navàs will surprise you. You can feed the animals, get in contact with them in their habitat and appreciate nature in every way; an activity to do with the family that will not leave children or adults indifferent. From exotic animals to farm animals. All in different spaces adapted to their characteristics.
The place also has barbecues that you can book to eat with your children.
Note that, together with a team of volunteers, the center carries out environmental education projects, integration for people with social risk or disability, and also conservation projects of natural areas, among others. So, twice, the Center d’Apropament a la Natura is a place you can not miss!

This was our compilation of the best activities to enjoy with the family in Barcelona and around. Have a great time in Catalunya! Do you have any questions or want to know how to get from A to B? Leave us a comment!

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