Hot Air Balloon Private Charter

A different experience in Barcelona, hot air balloon private charter ride

50 Kilometers 4 Hours 3-6 People

Hot Air Balloon Private Charter Flight

Enjoy more privacy  on an Exclusive hot air balloon charter ride; only the pilot, you and your loved ones. Over Barcelona countryside, a different way to enjoy Barcelona sights.

Charter the complete Balloon! This is the perfect deal for 3-6 persons, families and groups who want to fly alone.

Stunning Scenery

See the earth like never before. Enjoy stunning views and scenery from above.

Weather Check

Weather is important! We'll confirm every booking and check the weather conditions before we confirm your booking.

Shuttle Pickup & Dropoff

We offer a shuttle service to and from the ballooning trip. Store your belongings safely.

Experience & Permits

We have a great experience in flying balloons over our homes. Our team is experienced and has a long record of flight hours. Barcelona Balloon Flights is a fully licensed balloon company with 20 years flying and our pilots are all commercially recognised by European Aviation Safety Agency EASA.

TRIP ITINERARY hot air balloon private charter ride

Get to the Meeting Point and listen carefully to the safety instructions. Get ready and enjoy a smooth flight with incredible views of Montserrat and the sourroundings of Barcelona with breathtaking views for hours.

Arrival at the Meeting Point

We offer a shuttle service to and from the ballooning trip. Store your belongings safely.

Safety Instructions

Get an introduction to balloning from our experienced pilots and learn about safety

Ready for Take-Off!

Let’s take off and enjoy the incredible atmosphere up in the sky. The silence, the open air and the views.

Back to Base

After a couple of hours Of flight time and depending on the weather we arrive back at the Meeting Point.

Does this sound like fun? Charter your Balloon in Barcelona

Charter Balloon (Request Date)

April 2020
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Reserve your Date

We take off once a day in the morning. Enjoy your complete private balloon ride with our Balloon Chartering Service. Please select a date and request a Balloon Charter in Barcelona. Ballooning involves the weather, so we will confirm every request via email and get in touch with you as soon as we can.
In case weather does not allow us to fly we offer an alternate date or refund/cancel the booking (check our CANCELLATION INSURANCE).
Please select a date and fill out the form with your name and email to confirm the Reservation.

"I braved this trip on my own as my friends were too scared to do it. The crew were that welcoming and fun that I forgot I was on my own! This is once in a lifetime experience and I would strongly recommend it to anyone. Absolutely fantastic day! I traveled in Barcelona, the views were unreal and breathtaking. The ride was really chilled, it just felt like we were floating. I am scared of heights but I was fine. The landing was perfect. The crew were all amazing! They also send you pics after which is a bonus. As well as snacks and champagne!"
Charlotte K
“We had such a great time. Everything went over smoothly and our guide was very knowledgeable. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone. They really exceeded my expectations. I know I'll be back!”
Amy Johnson

Let's Make this a Special Trip!


VIP Charter Service

Balloon Private Charter

Enjoy more privacy and charter the whole basket for you and your loved ones alone. 3 to 6 persons.



Classic Balloon Flight Ticket

Our most booked ticket at Barcelona Balloon Flights. A Great Ballooning experience in Barcelona. 1 Person, 1 Spot


Hot Air Balloon Ride
Shuttle Service to Take-Off

Hotel Pick Up

We offer a Hotel Pick Up / Shuttle Service for all our clients. If you want a hassle-free experience, request our Pick-Up!
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